September 25, 2012

Assessing Your Smile

There’s nothing quite like the good feeling of knowing you have a healthy-looking smile. An attractive, confident smile can be one of your most valuable assets. It is often the first thing people notice about you.

How do you feel about your smile? Are you pleased with it, or do you wish it looked better? At one time there were limited means for enhancing the appearance of your teeth. Today there are a number of cosmetic treatments that can be performed in the dental office in just a few appointments.

There are many common dental problems that can be easily corrected through cosmetic procedures. These problems include discolored teeth, missing teeth, overlapping front teeth, poorly shaped teeth, chipped teeth and gaps between teeth.

To assess your smile, take a moment to answer the following questions.  Take your time and answer each question as clearly and accurately as you can.  Your answers will help us to determine the type of treatment most suited to your needs.

  1. Are you pleased with the general appearance of your teeth and smile?  If not, why?
  2. Are your teeth straight?
  3. Are there spaces between your front teeth that you dislike?
  4. Are you satisfied with the color of your teeth?
  5. Are you satisfied with the shape of your teeth?  
  6. Are any of your teeth chipped?  Hidden? Protruding?
  7. Are you satisfied with the way your teeth come together (how they bite)?
  8. Are your gums puffy, red or swollen looking?  Do they bleed easily?
  9. Do you have old fillings or dental work that makes you less confident about your smile &/or appearance?
  10.  What would you most like to change about the appearance of your teeth?
  11.  How would you like your teeth to look?
If you like, we can review your responses with you and discuss alternatives to achieve a more pleasing smile.

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