September 18, 2012

More About Avulsed Teeth

When a patient presents with an avulsed tooth, now the task for dentists is much more complicated because there are eight different clinical categories in which an avulsed tooth may present to a dentist.  Each of these requires a separate treatment regimen.  Dentists are not taught this in school, and they have to learn a new technique.

It is clear that there are four equally important aspects that dentists need to institute in order to maximize the success rate of reimplanted avulsed teeth.

  1. Educate the general population that avulsed teeth can be saved.
  2. Recommend to patients and the general population that they should be prepared for this type of accident by having suitable optimal storage devices like Save-A-Tooth and emt TOOTHSAVER readily available where accidents can occur.
  3. Dentists should diagnose the condition of each avulsed tooth and use the most compatible technique for treating avulsed teeth in their offices.
  4. The reimplanting professional must recommend that root canal therapy be instituted at the appropriate time after reimplantation.
Dentistry has to advise the general population, schools, athletic teams, and dentists to be prepared for this type of accident.

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