January 31, 2012

Increase Confidence With Dental Mini Implants

Are you embarrassed by your smile? Have you given up your favorite foods because you can’t chew properly due to missing teeth?  Are you embarrassed to socialize? Well, fear no more, dental mini implants are the newest, pain-free solution.
In expert hands, dental mini implants are like your third set of teeth; they look and feel natural, their chewing strength is nearly as good as your own adult teeth, and best of all no one will know the difference.

Once your new dental mini implants are fitted into your mouth properly, you will have the confidence to eat whatever you want, smile constantly and never have to worry about glue or slipping dentures. The use of mini implants will make the procedure easier than traditional implants. Dental mini implants are made up of a special titanium material that is secured into your jawbone while you sleep. Titanium and its alloys are preferably chosen for dental mini implants because they are biocompatible and are corrosion-resistant. Another material that can be used is Zirconium alloy.

Dental mini implants are a perfect solution to an embarrassing situation. There’s no more daily maintenance to them than regular teeth - just brush your teeth as you normally do. They are natural looking, the procedure is pain free with the use of sedation dentistry, and afterwards, you’ll soon forget you even have them. But you won’t forget the confidence and self-esteem they give you. The only thing you’ll wonder about is what took you so long to make the decision.

Because dental mini implants don’t change your facial features, your friends won’t notice a thing other than your smile, your great appetite, and outgoing personality.  No longer will you have to worry about dentures falling out or being embarrassed by a “loose” mouth.  Chew, laugh, talk with confidence and never be concerned in public again.  Dental mini implants give you the confidence you need to get on with your life.

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