January 18, 2012

Sleep Dentistry and Dental Mini Implants

Do you avoid the dentist? Do you need to get those dental mini implants but are afraid to go because of what you think will be alot of pain and anxiety? Relax, sleep dentistry and a trained professional can change your life for the better with a light sedative.

Sleep dentistry is usually provided as conscious sedation, which uses oral medication to help you sleep during dental procedures such as the process for insertion of dental mini implants. There is no anxiety and little or no memory of the treatment. The patient is not completely under - they are more like in a dreamlike state or sleeping. During the process, a trained professional, known as a Sedation Dentist, monitors the patient. Sleep dentistry allows the dentist to do alot of dental work during one appointment, helping the overall treatment move along more quickly.

After an initial consultation with a sedation dentist, you'll be given medication to start the sleep dentistry process.  Most important, you'll be relaxed and anxiety free. While you're in the chair, the sleep dentist and sleep dentistry team monitors you closely. You will fall asleep or you'll enjoy a soothing mental and emotional "distance" from goings on.

The next thing you'll know will be your sleep dentist telling you the procedure is complete and it's time to go home.

Sleep dentistry is very useful for longer procedures or for procedures patients may be apprehensive about. Dental mini implants are a very gentle procedure, but some people may have concerns over a perceived level of discomfort. To alleviate these concerns , qualified professionals will recommend sleep dentistry. The patient won't feel anything, won't remember anything, and in many cases can wake up with their new smile supported by dental mini implants.

Sleep dentistry is safer than intravenous sedation with no nauseous after effects. As a result, patients wake feeling great with no pain, no anxiety, and no memory of the procedure - just a perfect smile.

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