February 7, 2012

Dental Lasers for Canker Sores = A Miracle!

Have you ever had a canker sore? The official term for them is an apthous ulcer. If you’ve ever had one you know how painful a canker sore can be and how unbearable it feels to wait for them to heal. It could be a week to two week wait! Dental lasers are an amazing answer to the suffering that has been associated with canker sores.

If you don’t know what a canker sore (apthous ulcer) is, let me explain. A canker sore is a small shallow ulcer that appears in the mouth on the palate, tongue, gums or inside cheeks. A cancer sore is an open sore with a red inflamed border with a yellowish or grayish color inside. Pain that affects quality of life is the obvious characteristic of these sores. When the ulcer is white or grayish, the ulcer will be extremely painful and the affected lip may swell. The pain makes it difficult to talk, speak, drink and eat. 

Apthous ulcers can affect people of any age. The frequency of aphthous ulcers is reported to be more in females as compared to males. These sores aren’t contagious. They usually begin with a tingling or burning sensation at the site of the future canker sore. In a few days, they often progress to form a red spot or bump, followed by an open ulcer.

The exact cause of canker sores is unknown but citrus fruits, physical trauma like biting a cheek, braces, stress, lack of sleep, sudden weight loss, food allergies, immune system reactions and deficiencies in Vitamin B12, iron, and folic acid may contribute to their development.

In the past, treatment included anesthetic mouth washes and various ointments that basically make you feel like your head is going to go through the roof, they hurt so much to use.

Thank God for dental lasers. It truly is a miracle that a dental laser used for 30 – 45 seconds, can relieve the pain that canker sores cause. The dental laser doesn’t even touch the lesion! It is literally waved like a magic wand over the lesion. After the dental laser is moved over the lesion, the stinging, burning pain is gone! I can personally attest to the miraculous dental laser for treating canker sores!  What a relief!!

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