December 6, 2011

What Type Of Care Is Required For Dental Implants?

Once you have had your dental implants you want to make sure you protect your investment in your health and the time and money you’ve invested, too. It’s essential you understand that the gums and the bone that your dental implants sit in, are the foundation of your smile. The area around the gumline of your implants must be kept clean daily and regularly professionally.

Your dental implants aren’t subject to dental decay, but they are at risk of gum disease in the same way your natural teeth are at risk of gum disease. We recommend that you floss daily. You can also clean the teeth with brushes that fit in the spaces between the teeth. These are called interproximal dental brushes. Brush for approximately 2 minutes twice daily with a soft toothbrush. We also recommend using the Hydrofloss once daily. At night before you go to sleep, or in the evening after you’ve eaten your last meal, are the best times to use a Hydrofloss. The Hydrofloss is a dental irrigator and in the head of the irrigator tip is a magnet that changes the polarity of the water. This change in polarity interferes with plaque bacteria, the cause of gum disease, sticking to the teeth and building up at the gumline.

Research has taught us that the plaque that grows at the gumline has a specific pattern of growth. The bacteria form what are called colonies and with time, the colonies of bacteria become more mature and more destructive. Research has shown that the optimum time period to break up the bacterial colonies is at 3 months. Therefore, it makes sense that to give yourself and your dental implants optimum protection, the most favorable time interval between professional dental cleanings is 3 months. In this way, if there are any bone-destroying bacteria present, the professional cleaning is disrupting the bacterial colonization so that it has to start all over again. This helps stop the establishment and progress of any gum disease.

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