October 16, 2013

Senior Citizens' Dental Health Problems

Advancing age brings changes in your mouth as well as in the rest of your body.  Does that mean good dental health can't  be maintained or that a bright healthy smile must become something you used to have? Absolutely not!

If you are finding that your teeth seem darker and it's getting harder to keep them looking bright, it may be because aging causes changes in the dentin of your teeth.  The dentin is the bone-like tissue below the enamel of your teeth (the outside layer of the tooth).  The changes in the dentin and the thinning of the enamel give your teeth a darker appearance.  Also, plaque builds up faster and in greater quantities with age.  There are modern procedures proven to brighten your smile.  Bonding, bleaching (take-home and in-office whitening), veneers, all porcelain crowns, and special porcelain fused to yellow gold crowns are available that produce beautiful smile whitening results.

Does your mouth feel dry?  It's not uncommon for older adults to experience a reduced flow of saliva as a result of various disorders or medications.  You need saliva to lubricate your mouth and to wash away food particles and acids produced by that colorless layer of bacteria called plaque, or extensive cavities may develop.  There are products that can restore moisture to your mouth.

Many older adults experience tooth root decay because receding gumlines expose the root surfaces to plaque and decay-causing acid.  Decay around the edges of fillings, which causes decay to weaken fillings and teeth, is also common among senior adults.

For those people who are unable to function with or tolerate their denture or partials there are dental imlants and bone enhancement procedures which replace the missing tooth roots and serve as anchors for teeth. Dental implants are the closest to natural teeth possible.

With your daily effort, an awareness of the changes that occur, and regular professional care, you'll be able to be proud of your smile for many years to come.

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