April 17, 2013

The Tragedy Of The Boston Bombing

I was going to talk about how to prevent tooth injuries today, but in light of the tragedy in Boston, it just doesn't feel right. The injury to take note of today is the unimaginable devastion of the attack on innocent people, the loss of life, the tragic injuries sustained by so many, the impact on family and friends. We are so saddened by this horrifying act and that there is so much hate and anger in this world.  Our hearts are heavy and injured by this violent attack, but we must not succumb to fear and must stand courageous in the face of such violence. We will continue sharing about tooth issues from here on in and refuse to be terrorized into silence.

Our heartfelt sympathy and compassion is extended to the victims of the Boston bombing.  On a certain level we are all affected by this horrifying act, yet I pray that we find strength within and hold on tight to whatever higher power we may believe in, so we radiate this strength to those who are living with the devastation of this violation of humanity and brotherhood.

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