March 13, 2013

Famous People Were Dentists

We hope you found last week’s blog interesting, and, as promised, here are some more famous X-dentists!

Zane Grey is famous for writing Western novels.  Before writing over 80 books, Pearl Zane Grey was a practicing dentist in New York.  Unfortunately, he lost his love of dentistry – it just decayed, and he quickly abandoned the field when he became a published author.  Zane Grey went on to become one of history’s first millionaire authors.

This next famous person’s story is very interesting.  It may seem ironic that the creator of a company specializing in sugar-laden fruit juices was also a dentist, but it’s true.  Thomas Welch was the founder of Welch’s, and he was a dentist before he retired and became famous for inventing a pasteurization process for grape juice that kept it from fermenting.  Welch’s intention was to create a non-alcoholic wine that could be used at the sacrament in churches.

Paul Revere is famous as the Revolutionary War hero who made his midnight ride to warn people that “The British are coming!  The British are coming!”  He was a skilled silversmith who also advertised his services as a dentist and was known for making false teeth for his patients.

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