February 12, 2013

Is Winter Affecting Your Fitness?

In our blog we usually talk about issues relating to dental health.  We have previously pointed out that there is a link between oral health and your overall health and that link is very important.  It’s also important to keep your overall health in mind and make it a priority.

I don’t know about you, but unfortunately I am affected by the winter weather when it comes to outside activity.  I really have a hard time taking the cold and don’t like to walk on snowy or icy streets.  I find it difficult to be cold at the beginning of winter outdoors activities, and then get too warm as a sweat builds up from activity.  Wearing layers helps, of course, but then I have to carry all the layers that come off!  I certainly admire people who make winter outdoors activities work!

Research has shown that less sunlight also affects our mood and our health.  When there’s no sunshine and just the cold, it’s time for some of us to just stay indoors and keep as warm as possible.  What can be done to avoid becoming sedentary if the winter weather affects you this way?  Find indoor activities you enjoy!

My favorite go-to indoors exercises are yoga and dancing.  I start the morning with 20 minutes of yoga to loosen up the stiffness from inactivity during sleep.  Then there’s dance to liven things up and increase circulation and strengthen and tighten muscles.There are so many DVD’s to pick from.  I enjoy Zumba and would love to learn belly dancing.  It may look easy, but it’s really quite a workout!

This only scratches the surface.  So put your thinking caps on if you won’t venture out in the cold, and find other ways to exercise that don’t involve the outdoors.

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