January 15, 2013

How to Prevent Dental Problems Early

If you are tempted to skip dental appointments because you don’t feel pain and can’t see anything wrong, think again.  What you can’t see or feel can cause the most trouble!  These dental problems can be treated, and often reversed, if spotted early.

Here’s What We Can See That You Can’t

  • A dental examination can detect deterioration of fillings, crowns, and restorations.
  • We may spot root cavities (decay on the roots of your teeth) which are exposed by receding gums.
  • Close inspection can reveal periodontal pockets caused by gum disease, and we may even identify the early warning signs of oral cancer.
  • We may find new decay under the gumline or hidden under existing fillings – two places you just can’t see!
  • Your teeth may have hairline fractures or signs of enamel erosion.
  • We can diagnose an impacted wisdom tooth that is ready to make its presence known … although you may not feel it yet.
  • We can see if the position of an impacted wisdom tooth can threaten the healthy tooth in front of it.
  • The onset of gum disease, called gingivitis in its early phase, often goes undetected by patients.  We can check for any tell-tale signs so that you can take action to prevent its progression toward periodontitis (which is the phase where bone loss begins and can ultimately result in tooth loss).
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