August 21, 2012

Fitness Is As Fitness Does!

Numerous reports, including the Surgeon General’s Report, recommend thirty minutes of moderate physical activity a day for better physical and cardiovascular health.  Did you know that can be accumulated activity, such as three bouts of ten minutes each?  So maybe you can rescue those fitness resolutions you made earlier this year.  The Surgeon General says you can benefit your cardiovascular health in another way – by taking care of your oral health.

Heart disease and strokes have been linked to gum disease.  For some reason, people find that difficult to believe.  But if you think of your mouth as the gateway to your body, you might find it easier to visualize how oral bacteria can have the potential to affect the rest of you.  Your gums form a natural barrier against bacteria migrating into your bloodstream.  If your gums are wounded due to injury or gum disease, your natural protection will be compromised.

Science is still investigating the precise dynamics between oral disease and overall health, but the Surgeon General went so far as to say that “you cannot be healthy without oral health.”

Thirty minutes of daily physical activity can help to protect you against cardiovascular diseases.  So can the few minutes a day it takes to brush, floss, and rinse.

So get going and pay attention to your smile!  It’s really one of the easiest fitness routines out there!

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