June 27, 2012

One Hour vs. Take Home Whitening - Which Do We Prefer?

We do make One Hour Whitening available to our patients. It's a popular choice because of the fast results and we realize that most people these days live very hectic lives and sometimes a special occasion comes up before there's a chance to do take home whitening, and have white teeth in time for that special event.

We use Rembrandt's Sapphire Light when we do One Hour Whitening because it is the safest whitening light on the market since it does not use UV rays. Without the UV rays there is also less of a problem with tooth sensitivity, however, the sensitivity problem is much greater with One Hour Whitening than Take Home Whitening because a higher perentage of active whitening agent is present with in-office One Hour Whitening, in order to produce the fast results.

We also observe that it's really difficult for most people to stay perfectly still for one hour, and staying still is very important to keep the bleach from burning the gum tissue.

Research shows us that the best teeth whitening happens over time. Therefore, the best whitening is over time at home. Not only are the take home whitening results superior, they last longer. So unless you have your wedding or some other important event the next day, we advise our patients who want whiter teeth to do Take Home Whitening- it works better, lasts longer, has less problems with sensitivity (by the way, we have a pre-whitening protocol that virtually eliminates sensitivity of any kind in most cases), and it costs less than One Hour Whitening.

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