May 1, 2012

More About Keeping Your Baby's Teeth Healthy

Baby teeth
Your baby has his first pearly whites - but is it really necessary to visit the dentist this early?
According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and many other dental authorities across the world, the answer is yes. It’s recommended you take him for a dental check-up at some point during his first year, or certainly by the time all his baby teeth are in his mouth (which is at about 21/2 years).

When you bring your young child in for their first dental visit at an early age it gives us an opportunity to spot potential problems at an early stage and also to decide upon a good prevention program. Plus, it helps get your baby accustomed to the sights and sounds of the dentist's office and can prevent him becoming anxious about dental visits in the future.
There are several cautions we mention to the parents of our youngest patients to help protect them.  We recommend that you do not dip your child’s pacifier into any sweet substance.  Don’t add sugar to your child’s food.  You don’t want your baby to learn a preference for sweet food.

Remember that bedtime is the most important time to clean your baby’s teeth.  There’s less saliva during the night, which means that there’s less rinsing action while your baby’s sleeping.  This results in harmful bacteria in your baby’s mouth settling more easily on the baby teeth.

Also, if you need to give your baby oral medication, you should do it before you brush his teeth, rather than afterwards. Did you know that most oral medications for infants contain sucrose (a type of sugar)?!
Last, but not least important, giving your baby water is always the healthiest option when he needs extra fluids.
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