August 9, 2011

How Often Should You Go To The Dentist?

     How often you go to the dentist depends on several factors.  Age is a factor.  Children’s first visit is recommended once the child has all of his baby teeth, around age 2.  Throughout childhood and the teen years it’s important for children to visit the dentist every 6 months.  One reason for this is that when children get decay, that decay can travel very quickly in the decayed tooth and to the neighboring teeth.

     In young adulthood, in general, we see less of a problem with decay and very often we see more of a problem with gum disease. Gum disease cannot be cured, but it can be controlled with regular office visits and proper homecare.

     Research shows that it takes 90 days for the plaque bacteria to mature to the point where it is destructive to the gum and dental bone.  If we can disrupt the infection at the 90 day point before the plaque starts being destructive, we can best keep gum disease under control.

     Depending on the study you read, 75-95% of the population has gum disease, so that means that 75-95% of the population needs to visit a dentist every 3 months to keep gum disease under control and prevent the dangerous health risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc. associated with gum disease.

     In future blog posts we’ll discuss geriatric dental needs.

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  1. I've heard many times that an average person should at least visit his dentist twice a year. Those with serious oral problems should visit more frequently. It's a shame that some people aren't fully aware of the need to visit their dentist.

    Diana Dickert

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