July 20, 2011

Does Your Partner's Snoring Keep You Awake?

     Recently magazines have been carrying advertisements for gimmicks that are supposed to treat snoring.  If your partner keeps you up half the night with snoring, you may be tempted to try anything.

     There is a professional way to put an end to snoring by treating the cause instead of the symptom.  We use the TheraSnore appliance to help our patients who have a problem with snoring and sleep apnea.  This appliance uses a scientific approach and was developed by Dr. Thomas E. Meade.

     The TheraSnore has been tested by universities, sleep laboratories and other professional groups.  These tests show that the adjustable TheraSnore really does work more than 93% of the time.

     Almost everyone snores occasionally, in fact one-third of the world’s population snores regularly.  Of that one-third 90% snore because, while sleeping your tongue and the tissue around the soft palate relax and falls back, blocking the airway.  Due to this lack of air, your body panics and increases the speed of the air inhaled.  This increased speed causes the tissues at the back of the throat to vibrate and cause the snoring noise.

     Besides making life more unpleasant for significant others, snoring may be an indicator of sleep apnea, a serious, deadly health hazard.

     A recent study by Harvard University and Boston’s Brigham and Woman’s Hospital found that simple snoring increases the chance of cardiovascular disease by 33% in women.  Previous studies of men with sleep apnea revealed serious health consequences, such as stroke.

     It takes us around 30 minutes or less to fit a TheraSnore appliance.  It will take you approximately 4 to 7 nights to adjust to wearing it.  By the end of the week, you should  be sleeping comfortably and soundlessly and with a happy partner by your side.

     We think we’ve saved a lot of marriages with this device.
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