November 5, 2010

Look into my eyes, you're getting sleepy...okay wake up, it's over!

Many people put off caring for their teeth for years because they are afraid to go to the dentist. Conscious Sedation enables patients with such a fear to have their dental procedures done without any anxiety or memory of the treatment.

Oral medication is given to the patient before their dental treatment and they are given time to relax fully before any work is started. Most patients fall asleep and those who don't are totally relaxed. The dentist trained in conscious sedation interviews the patient before any medication is given so that they can provide the anxious patient the medication or combination of medications that will work best.

Dental phobic patients find it difficult to believe they can't remember a thing. They can't believe it when they wake up and are told the dentistry is all done. They can't believe it, but they are very happy indeed!

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  1. The only way I know (and the right thing to do) to overcome your fears is to face it. One should always challenge oneself to keep awake when the procedure happens in order to overcome the fear of the dental chair. Sleeping is only a form of escape; to fully outgrow that fear, one must be fully aware of all that is happening while under the scrutiny of the dentist. If you have overcome this trial, then and only then can you say, "I DON"T FEAR GOING TO THE DENTIST ANYMORE."

    Nathan Bedingfield